Holidays and Observances Toolkit – BOLD RED


It’s important for campaigns to acknowledge holidays and observances on their social channels. This bold modern design will help your campaign achieve name recognition and brand consistency across all online platforms. Customize, re-use, and re-purpose these graphics to fit your needs.


  • 16 customizable graphics
  • Immediate Download, for instant access to your templates on
  • Standard Use License
  • Video Walkthrough Instructions
All you need:
  1. A FREE account on
  2. Existing candidate photos and campaign logo (optional)

Canva’s free graphic design tool is easy to learn and intuitive, letting you drag and drop smart objects like photos, fonts and logos. You can access it from any device — no need to install anything.

To customize your templates,

  • You must have a Canva account; It is FREE.
  • You must have a  program on your computer that can read PDFs. You will receive a PDF document with links to your customizable templates and instructions. 
  • Once you receive the PDF document, open it, and click the link to open your template in Canva.
  • Edit any or all elements, mix and match pages, and add new pages to create graphics that work to accomplish your campaign goals. 
  • Please customize this template on a desktop or laptop, and not on a mobile device.
  1. Due to the digital nature of this product, you will not receive a physical shipment. Upon purchase, you will receive a download link to a PDF which will contain the Canva template link.
  2. Download links expire in 90 days, please open all purchased products (by clicking the templates links) as soon as possible, and save a copy in your Canva account.
  3. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales made are final. There will be no refunds or exchange of items once a purchase is complete. For technical difficulties and other inquiries, please contact us at and we will get back to you within 3 business days.
  4. All products are sold to individuals. The license to the template is given to the buyer only. See license details below.

You may use this template for personal use or commercial use. Each purchase grants ONE license to you – the buyer – only. See usage details and restrictions below:


  • For use with one personal and one business/campaign social media account owned or managed by the buyer (licensee). A separate license is required for each social media business or campaign page.
  • Unlimited digital or physical products created with templates by the licensee.
  • Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions.
  • Licensee may use the licensed asset (templates) for commercial use or non-commercial. 


  • Any use that allows anyone other than the licensee, such as an end user, to customize a digital or physical end product is prohibited, whether for commercial use or non-commercial use.
  • Resale or sub-licensing the templates or any modification of their source file is strictly prohibited.
  • Making public or sharing the template access link in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute the templates (meaning just the templates, separate from the end product or completed designs by the licensee) is strictly prohibited.
  • Under this license, you may use this template to create end-products ONLY.
  • You may NOT redistribute or resell this product or modified version of this product in its editable template format.
  1. The fonts, images, and elements used within these templates are all available on Canva. Please note that you are purchasing the template only. As a Canva user, you may use these elements, including the images and fonts. If there is a premium element, image or font in the template, you can use them as a pro member, or exchange the element (or image or font) with a free element (or image or font).
  2. Please note that these templates are being sold by Campaign Toolkits LLC. The sale of these templates is not affiliated with Canva. Canva is not liable for these templates. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us at
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