How to Choose Your Political Campaign Logo

Choosing the right logo is essential to effective online campaigning and establishing an easily recognizable brand. In fact, if you are a novice or small-time candidate who can’t afford to get your name out through traditional media, your logo may be the only thing that voters recognize.

Start Here: What Kind of Logo Should I Have?

That depends on what you’re using it for. Logos can be used on yard signs, t-shirts, direct mail, videos, palm cards, social media, websites, and more. Before you choose a logo, you should know how many variations of the design you will need. 

The Complexity

While all logos should be unique, it’s also essential that they are simple enough for any voter to recognize at a glance. Remember, you only have a second or two of a person’s attention, and the most important thing for them to remember is your name. Logos should be easily readable and authentic, not overly complex or confusing.

Generally, you will want to stick with either

  1. Your First and Last name
  2. Your First and Last name + “ [the office you’re running for” 
  3. First Name + For [the office you’re running for]

If you want to add things like icons, shapes, pictorial elements, or slogans, then you will need to have at least one variation of your logo without the additional elements. Logos that are complex do not work well on social graphics, websites, or yard signs.

The Shape

It’s worth taking a moment to determine if you need vertical, horizontal, or square versions of your design. If you want to use your logo on a yard sign, that’s a horizontal rectangle. If you want to use your logo as a profile picture on Facebook, that’s square. Your logo can take multiple shapes if need be, but they will all need to be designed individually. You can’t just crop them. 

List all of the ways you plan on using your logo and determine how many variations of shape you will need. You may very well be able to get away with just one, but it’s best to know for sure ahead of time.

The Size

Logos have to be resized when placed across different mediums in order to avoid them looking pixelated or blurry. When you purchase or create a logo, you will probably be given a PNG or a JPEG file. Once a file like this is exported to you, the quality of the image cannot be changed. It can be sized down for things like social media graphics or websites, but NOT sized up without losing quality. 

If you are going to be placing your logo on any of the following mediums, we recommend going through a designer with software that can provide you with all of the sizes you need.  

  • Print Materials (Palm cards, newspaper ads)
  • Billboards
  • TV-Quality Videos

The Color

Political logo designs are a delicate balance between what works and what gets noticed. Red and blue are safe choices if you hope to convey power or trustworthiness. Nontraditional colors may help you stand out, but may also have undesirable repercussions. Purple, for instance, can convey luxury or elitism. Ultimately, the colors are up to you, but follow these tips:

  1. Don’t use your opponent’s colors
  2. Make sure there is high contrast (no yellow on white or blue on green)
  3. Instead of relying on party colors, consider bringing local or state colors into your design (state flag, local school district, etc.)
  4. Consider having a monochrome version of your design with only a single color, plus white. This type of logo works best on t-shirts and print materials.

Free Political Campaign Logo Designs

If you don’t have a budget for a logo or want something quick and easy, we’d recommend the following two options: is an online design software that is free to use, as long as you stay away from its premium features. In order to keep your design free, you’ll have to keep it pretty simple (no transparent backgrounds.) But if you want something cut and dry, Canva is a safe bet. You will also need to create separate designs for different-sized logos because resizing is another premium feature. 

Consider reaching out to volunteers or bringing on an intern. Volunteers are the bread and butter of political campaigns. It’s highly likely that if you ask around, there is a designer or part-time artist who is willing to contribute to your cause. No artist should have to do work for free, so make sure they understand what they’re agreeing to. And of course, make sure to give credit where credit is due. 

Low Budget Political Campaign Logos ($20 – $65)

Hire A Freelance Artist. is an excellent resource for low budget creative services. But it’s very important to check each artist’s portfolio and reviews. We recommend you don’t purchase any services under $25, as these artists are typically located outside of the United States. is a slightly more upscale version of Fiverr with a wide range of budget options. Instead of requesting an artist, you actually post a job offering with your specific needs and budget, and artists will reply to your post. This process may take slightly longer than hiring someone directly on Fiverr, but some say the quality is slightly better. 

Use a Logo Generator

Logo Generators are great for political campaign designs because they find interesting ways to work with the length of your name. Plus, seeing all of the options in front of you helps you pick the best one. has an excellent logo generator. The free version only provides a 198×198 pixel JPG file, which is good enough for social media graphics, but not for anything else. Commercial rights and PNG files go for $20. For larger files, this generator will cost you $50. is another interesting generator. You use keywords to tell the platform what kind of design you’d like it to make. We had success with words like “simple,” “patriotic,” “USA,” and “politics.” These logos will cost you $25 for a PNG file, or $65 for print and web files.

Kick Off Your Campaign with a Recognizable Brand

Ready to start your campaign? Use this blog as a starting point for getting your logo in the works. Campaigns are often judged by their logos, so take time to make sure your logo is authentic and your branding is consistent and memorable.

Your design, brand, and social media marketing could make the difference on Election Day. Check out our Campaign Toolkits for modern, attention-grabbing visuals for your online campaign. Easily create and manage all of your campaign’s visual elements – in just a few clicks.

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