9 Free Tools for Political Campaigns

Campaigns can get very expensive, very quickly. That’s why we compiled this list of free tools that anyone can use, whether you’re a local school board race or a high profile national campaign.

We were not sponsored by any of these companies or platforms. This is our own personal list of tools that we love.  

  1. Mailchimp
  2. OpenCampaign.xyz
  3. Canva
  4. OutreachCircle
  5. Fundly
  6. OpenSecrets
  7. Camflare.io
  8. Facebook Business Manager
  9. Remove.bg

1. Mailchimp – Engage with Your Most Important Supporters 

Use Mailchimp to keep a record of your most prominent supporters and to communicate with them regularly. You can also use it to send out mass emails to your entire list, which is useful for getting the word out about campaign events or other news. In addition, the platform allows you to design newsletters using various templates, or create your own from scratch. Mailchimp is free as long as you don’t go over 2,000 contacts.

2. OpenCampaign.xyz – Campaign Templates and Trackers

OpenCampaign is a free open source library with the best field-tested resources created by campaign staff. These spreadsheets, documents, and presentations cover everything from email templates to voter contact data tracking. This website is intended for progressive campaigns and staff.

3. Canva – Custom Graphics for Your Campaign (Social Media, Ads, Posters, Mail, and more)

Your campaign needs to be visual to be memorable. Use Canva to create and customize campaign graphics for fundraising, endorsements, events, and more. Canva is an easy-to-use free design tool that makes creating attractive images simple. Upload your own images and logo to create custom graphics for your campaign. You can create graphics in minutes by staring with ready-made political Canva templates from our shop. Our Full Campaign Toolkits cover everything your campaign needs including digital advertising, volunteers, outreach, voter turnout, and more. Browse our Mini Toolkits categories if you’re looking for something small, affordable, or specific.

4. OutreachCircle – Gain Supporters

Relational organizing is about utilizing your connections to build a network, and then growing that network of supporters by having friends reach out to friends, their friends reach out to their friends, and so on. Relational organizing, when done on a large scale, can be very effective at turning out the vote for a candidate. Outreach Circle provides both free and paid plans – But all plans include access to their relational organizing email and text message tools. 

5. Fundly – Raise Money

Fundly is a fundraising platform perfect for political campaigns. Fundly follows the “keep-it-all” structure, which means that campaign creators will receive all the funds they raise even if they don’t reach their goals. As with most donation platforms, they do charge a small fee percentage of each donation. We would still consider this one of the best “free” tools available for campaigns since you’ll be net positive on campaign income. 

6. OpenSecrets.org Donor Lookup – Research Potential Donors 

Identify the people that are most likely to donate to your campaign by researching who has donated to candidates in your area in the past. This publicly available information is invaluable to your campaign. Make lists of those that are likely to donate and then segment them by how you will make contact – invite them to your events, give them a call, have a staff member reach out, or send them a letter. 

7. Camflare.io – Persuade with Video Testimonials 

Camflare.io allows you to collect and share video testimonials from your supporters. Video testimonials are an excellent way to show off your support base and help persuade voters that you’re the right candidate for public office. Normally they are expensive and time-consuming to shoot and edit, but not if you use this tool. You can even use the tool to create a personalized video message from supporters who aren’t able to attend your events in person.

8. Facebook Business Manager

Don’t forget to use Facebook professionally as a free marketing tool. It’s essential for your political campaign to have a presence on Facebook.. Always create a business Facebook page for your campaign which includes your full name and the office you are running for. This page, not your personal Facebook, should be where you share all campaign updates, events, fundraisers, and more. You can also run political ads through your Facebook business manager. 

9. Remove.bg – Create Professional Headshots and Graphics

Remove.bg will remove the background of your photos for professional campaign headshots. With this website, any high-quality pictures you take with your smartphone can turn into a graphic for your campaign. Canva offers a background remover tool, but it costs money, so this is a great free workaround. Start with political graphic templates from one of our toolkits, and then create the effect below for free using Remove.bg.

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Hannah Richards


Hannah (Bree) is a full-time political strategist from the battleground state of Ohio. She built this website during the COVID-19 pandemic while living with her two pet rats, because she didn’t have anything better to do. But also, because she believes it could be genuinely useful to a few folks that find it. If you’re one of them, you can connect with her at hannah@campaigntoolkits.com.

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